Superabsorbents from Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH, i.e. gelling agent FAVOR® - PAC for clinical waste disposal (as bulk of 20 kg, 1 ton or big bag ) or packages in soluble films (PVA), PE and PAP-PE are available on demand.

  • gelling agent for technical purposes
  • gelling agent for the food industry
  • elongated or rectangular bags, filled with 1 g to 50 g superabsorbents or according to customer requirements
  • flavored gelling agent (e.g. for airlines, bus companies, railroad, old people's homes)
  • buckets (white, with cover, contains 2 kg)
  • boxes (trays) glossy, with colour print (contents of 50 to 100 pcs. of soluble PVA gelling bags, packed in PAP-PE bags)

More infos about FAVOR® - PAC

Bags - Minibags

Superabsorbents packed in elongated, soluble PVA gelling bags
pack sizes of 3 - 20 g or according to customer requirements

Rectangular bags / Microbags

Superabsorbents packaged in rectangular soluble PVA gelling bags
pack sizes of 1 - 50g


Bucket - With measuring cup

Bucket (white with lid) containing up to 2 kg contents of gelling agent, incl. measuring cup
also with private label print or label



Trays (glossy carton trays) with colour print according to customer request
(e.g. 50 pcs. of PAP-PE bags filled with gelling agent or 100 pcs. of soluble gelling bags of 16 or 20 g)



Big Bag with 1.000 kg and bulkware with 20 kg contents

Details and prices on request