As German representation of Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH with the product line FAVOR®- PAC (gelling agent) for liquid waste disposal, PRODIAMED®'s aim is to meet customer wishes with different and variable packaging solutions and applications.

The company PRODIAMED® is a medium-sized company with its core businesses

  • Distribution and packaging of superabsorbents (e.g. in soluble PVA film)
  • Development and prodution of chemical specialties for diagnostic and medical purposes

For more than 23 years PRODIAMED® is striving to meet customer demands in the field of absorbents and disposal as follows:

  • Liquid waste disposal (e.g in hospital)
  • Superabsorbent packed in soluble PVA film, PAP-PE etc.
  • Pack sizes according to customer requirements
  • Packaging with private labels
  • Innovations for medical and diagnostic purposes

PRODIAMED® it's profile on the one hand is to meet specific customer needs with its proven products for absorbing liquids, on the other hand to generate product innovations.




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